Why choose us?

We're here to guide you through the mortgage maze

With thousands of mortgage products on offer and new deals being introduced every day it can be difficult to wade through the mortgage market and find a deal that suits your needs. Granite Mortgages will provide you with the expert advice to ensure you get the most suitable deal.

If you're contemplating purchasing a property, either as a first time buyer, home mover or a buy to let investor, it makes sense to call upon our services. We'll direct you to the most appropriate mortgage deal, manage the application on your behalf, liaise with lenders and make the process as smooth, straightforward and hassle free as possible.

All lenders

We work for you, not the banks which means we can give you advice on all products from every lender – across the whole of the market.

Free expert advice

Our initial advice service is free and without obligation. We'll only charge a fee should you proceed with our mortgage recommendation.

Hassle free

We deal with lenders on your behalf throughout the application process until completion.

Access to the whole mortgage market

We're a whole of market mortgage broker which means we can look at multiple lenders rather than a bank which will simply try and sell its own products or a tied broker who only has access to a select panel of products. We will ascertain your needs and circumstances then search the market for appropriate products that fit your specific requirements.

We scour the market to find a mortgage that will fit your financial circumstances exactly, providing you with individually tailored advice.


Access to exclusive deals

We have access to mortgage deals from specialist lenders that are only available via brokers.

We can search beyond the big high street names and access products from smaller specialist lenders. These lenders can be a good fit if your situation is more complex, such as being self employed or having some past bad credit issues, as they offer a more bespoke approach to decision making by looking at each application on a case by case basis rather than being reliant on automated credit scoring. These specialist lenders often only acquire new business through brokers as they want to ensure their customers have been properly advised on what products are available before committing.

The value of impartial advice

Choosing the best mortgage can be problematic. Knowing what rate, term, lender, features and insurance to get are all time consuming and complex matters. It's not as simple as opting for the lowest rate or the most attractive incentives, it's finding the deal that works best for you now and in the future. The market can change rapidly as interest rates fluctuate and mortgage deals come and go. Having an expert on hand who will take your whole circumstances into account, explain things to you in a clear manner and recommend a suitable product can be invaluable.

We're on your side

We work for you, not the lender. With us you'll get unbiased advice and assistance throughout the mortgage process.  We understand which mortgage cases are more likely to be accepted by each lender. We understand the lenders' requirements so can help the application go through as smoothly as possible, making sure all the correct documents and information are provided.  We'll chase things up on your behalf and we'll know what to do if an application is declined. We'll be there for you until the deal is done and beyond.

We're qualified and regulated

All mortgage brokers have to pass professional mortgage qualifications and be regulated and authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority before they can give mortgage advice to their customers. You can be assured that our firm is fully authorised and holds the necessary qualifications to properly advise you.

Flexible approach

We know that you can't always take time off work to discuss your mortgage, so we will work around you. We can discuss your mortgage requirements and provide advice over the phone or meet you face to face at your home or another suitable location at a time convenient to you including evenings and weekends.

Think carefully before securing other debts against your home. Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.